Friday, July 3, 2015

Let it Go

My brother and I are cursed with incredible memories. We never forget anything. In my case, this ‘gift’ makes it very hard to get rid of ‘stuff.’
We just re-carpeted the whole house and are now in the process of putting everything back. We decided to weed out a lot of the things we really don’t need anymore. But…
What about the items friends made for us? We may not have used them—yet, but we might someday. And after all, thought and effort went into them.
What about all the old photos? We’ve scanned a lot of them, but we have nearly fifty albums plus two plastic file cabinets full. Somehow, we became the repository for all the family photos from both sides of the family. We’ll keep the ones commemorating special occasions, like weddings, but what about the others?

We uncovered grandparents’ and parents’ mini-albums of the formal photos from our wedding and Kim’s. What about those? We have the large one of ours, and Kim has her big one. What about the rest?

There are also quite a few formal portraits of other family members with no children. They are all gone now, so what do we do with those pictures?
I love the song from Frozen, “Let it Go.” I wish I could. All these treasures have sentimental attachments. Some were wedding gifts. Others were presents for our twenty-fifth anniversary. I still remember the people who gave them to us. I smile each time I recall these old friends and family members, and I don’t want to part with their gifts.
Fortunately, we have a large house, but someday, we may want to downsize. What then?
We are taking a little time as we put things back in place to evaluate what to keep, what to toss, and what to give away. I’m sure we’ll still end up with far too much stuff!
I need to start sorting through my shoes. Does anyone wear size five wide? And I really intend to read all these books—someday.

Time to get back to it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this done quickly? Never mind. I probably won’t take the advice anyway.


  1. Oh, can I ever relate! I moved with an already heavy accumulation of stuff into my parents' house after my mother passed away. In addition to memories, this house is the repository of some 60 years of the 'collections' of my parents as well as deposits by my grandparents, sister and several cousins.
    Deciding what to toss and what to keep is a mind- and gut-wrenching task. And then there's the books....
    I sympathize.

    1. I understand, John. Especially with our parents' things, it's hard. But a couple of years ago we bit the bullet and threw away most of my mom's photo albums. We didn't know most of the people in the photos, and no one was left to identify them.

  2. Perhaps the historical society from your parents' home town might have been interested in those photos. I would never toss photos - you never know whom you might run into that has a connection to your parents or their friends. I hope you at least scanned those photos before you tossed them. Storing them electronically takes so little space...

    1. I scanned hundreds of them. Many are now posted on None of the ones we had would be of interest to a historical society. Until now, I have never tossed photos, but we had two small file cabinets plus about a hundred albums full. Enough is enough!