Friday, June 1, 2018

France – Day 15 – 4/12/2018

We woke to our last full day in France. Our bed was comfortable, and I slept well. I still had some pain, but it had diminished considerably.

The bathroom was modern and lovely. I enjoyed the shower, and the heat helped ease my aches.

We followed directions and went downstairs via the circular stairway. We entered the basement room, and I was impressed.

The walls of the old building had been whitewashed. In contrast, the very modern furniture and accessories worked well. I would never have thought of using these pieces in such an old structure, but the place looked gorgeous.

When we went to the lobby, we asked about the building. The concierge, Damien, told us all the property for several blocks from the cathedral had originally belonged to the church. This particular mansion contained the original wine cellar. It was protected by a historical designation. Somehow, respect for the history and modern convenience had been balanced perfectly here.

Our room was on the ground floor, and Bob & Bernie’s was above us. Theirs had its own private balcony.

Bob wanted to see the new Monet Museum, Musee Marmottan Monet, so we found the route and took the Metro. What a wonderful place. The special exhibit featured the works of Corot, focused on his models. The paintings were spectacular. And the museum contained so much more.

One area featured the works of many of the impressionists, including Monet. Another area featured Napoleonic era artwork. Still another featured religious icons and illuminations.

We all enjoyed this museum and agreed we were happy to have been able to see it.

Since it was lunchtime, we found the Tabac de la Muette, where we enjoyed some of our favorites. Bernie and I ate Croque Monsier again. Larry had the Croque Royale. Bob ordered a pepper burger. We shared an order of frites (French fries).

Since we still had some time, we decided to go to the Champs-Élysées to see the Arc de Triomphe up close and personal. So, back to the Metro and into town. The exit put us in front of the Arc. Bob wasn’t interested in taking the elevator to the top. (He is terrified of heights.) Besides, it was crowded, and it was raining.

Then we decided we ought to see the Moulin Rouge.

We took the obligatory photos and then headed back to the hotel.

I had heard so much about the delicious soup the others had enjoyed the evening before, I suggested we return to Au 35 for dinner.

We arrived about half an hour before they opened. Since it was raining, the owner let us stay while he prepared for dinner service.

Bob had decided to order a glass of the same wine he’d had the night before. Larry ordered one, too. The owner asked if Bernie or I wanted wine. I declined, but Bernie described the type she enjoyed and asked him to recommend something. Our wine arrived. Bernie enjoyed the variety he recommended.

We savored our chance to relax until the restaurant opened. The owner took our orders, and other guests arrived.

A couple sat down at the next table. The lady admired Bernie’s cross necklace, and we began a conversation.

The couple, Michel and Julia Moreau, met when they were serving in the Peace Corps. She was American, and he was French. They married and returned to the US, where they raised a family. Once their children were grown, they moved back to Michel’s hometown in Normandy. However, they travel back to the US often to see their family.

We ate a delicious dinner and then ordered our final French dessert. I went back to crème brulee, but Larry ordered their specialty, pistachio crème brulee. We both enjoyed our selections.

This was the perfect way to end our final day in France: good food, good friends, new friends, and delightful conversation.

The final blog next time: Back to reality.


  1. Loved your posts about the trip and enjoyed hearing about the food you enjoyed too.

    1. France's reputation for great food is well deserved. I thought Italy had the best food in the world until we went to France.