Friday, January 26, 2018


Sometime during the night before MLK Day, someone entered our house while we slept and made off with my Surface computer, Larry’s iPad, both our cell phones, and my purse.

The good news:
  1.  We didn’t wake up, even though they entered through the door directly under our window. (The back door to the garage, which we never locked. We will now, though.)
  2.  They missed our iPods in their docking stations.
  3.  They only took these few items and did no vandalism.
  4.  It appears they were in and out quickly.
  5.  Most of it was just “stuff,” and we can replace it.
  6.  They only got my cards, so Larry had all of his—with the numbers and contact phone numbers on the back.
  7.  Because the next day was a holiday, not many places were open where they could have tried to use them.

The bad news:
1.    I had three credit cards and my debit card, plus my driver’s license in my purse.
2.    I also had at least $500 hidden in the purse as well as about $200 visible.
3.    Since it was right after Christmas, I had $300 in gift cards.
4.    My glasses with the new lenses and their case were taken.
5.    Two checkbooks were in the purse.
6.    We’re still remembering other cards.

First thing in the morning of the holiday, we began calling the banks and credit card companies to block the cards. We arranged for replacement cards, and received most within a couple of days.

We didn’t have to close the checking accounts. Once we made sure all the checks we had written had cleared, the bank blocked all the unused check numbers prior to the next set I had for each account. Easy peasy.

I was able to report my stolen Medicare card and Blue Shield cards online. I received one already and the others should follow soon.

The San Clemente office of the DMV has reopened, so it took less than an hour to get a temporary driver's license and arrange for a replacement.

So, things are starting to get back to normal. It was disturbing. But we are getting close to being made whole, and no one was injured. It’s just stuff, and it can be replaced.

We were robbed when we lived in Denver in 1972, and we had some bicycles stolen from our previous house. Once again, just stuff. I still miss a few things, but mostly I’m grateful that we didn’t lose more.

Have you ever been robbed?