Monday, March 25, 2013

More Pieces in the Quilt

Last week we were in Vancouver, WA for EPICon, the annual conference for EPIC, The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition.

Once again, we enjoyed spending time with writers, editors, publishers, and other industry professionals, many of whom have become good friends.

After the conference, we were invited for dinner at the home of one of the guys who worked in Japan with us. He invited another of the USJ team. Loved getting to know their wives and reminiscing about our time working on Universal Studios Japan.

The following evening, Monday, we drove to Mt. Angel, OR to see a girl I went to grammar school with. The last time we saw her was when she was a bridesmaid in our wedding. Although we've stayed in contact over the years, we'd never met her husband. So the evening was very special, and I was thrilled to know our friendship remained strong.

On Tuesday evening, our last in the Portland/Vancouver area, we drove into Portland to see a dear friend who used to live in our area. We reminisced about old times and enjoyed a meal together.

Wednesday was travel day, and we arrived back home in the early afternoon. The remainder of the day was spent unpacking and doing laundry.

Thursday morning, while slaying email and catching up of Facebook, an instant message appeared from a second cousin, Cindy. Our mothers were first cousins. She and her sister Connie were driving from Camarillo to San Diego and wanted to stop on the way. My answer? A resounding YES!!!

They arrived mid-afternoon, and although we'd never met face-to-face, we had been corresponding via email and Facebook for several years, so it was as though we already knew each other.

I remembered their mother and was amazed at how much Connie resembled her.

We went to an early dinner at the Wind and Sea at Dana Point Marina and compared notes on family stories. Once again, pieces of my personal family story were filled in.

What an amazing month March has been! So many reunions and wonderful times with old and new friends and relatives. It doesn't get much better than that

So how was your month?


  1. Sounds lovely, Lorna. My mother's family is fairly close. I know many of her first cousins and some of the second cousins. Unfortunately, the further out the cousins get, the fewer I know. I want my daughter to be better acquainted with my first cousins and their kids. The only things stopping us: time and distance. I think they would enjoy each other. And having family and a sense of family is a wonderful thing.


    1. After my father died when I was seven, we lost contact with most of that side of the family. Last year, I found one cousin on Facebook which led to five others.

      I have an extensive tree on Ancestry. One of these second cousins contacted me through that a couple of years ago. We've been communicating and sharing family photos and records ever since. Meeting them finally was a pure joy. Thank goodness for the Internet. Wed never have gotten together without it.