Monday, November 19, 2012

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving Day is the one time in the year set aside to remember all the blessings in our lives. But why limit it to one day? I'm grateful every day, and my list of blessings is a long one.

I have an amazing family—the one into which I was born, the one into which I married, and the one I've created over the years.

I am especially thankful this year that my mother's sister, Aunt Evelyn, is still with us after a stroke last year. She is one of my favorite playmates and has always been my role model. I learned to love travel, musical theater, entertaining, and discovering new places and people from her.

I am also grateful for the cousins I'd lost for most of my life and reconnected with last year. They are even more precious since all our parents are now gone.

My husband came with a large and loving family of his own. His grandparents set the example, and his parents' generation continued it. There never were any strangers or in-laws. Everyone has always been included and loved. His parents were truly my parents, and I adore his brother as much as if he had been mine from birth. My sister-in-love is the sister I'd have chosen if I could have, and I am so proud of my niece and nephew and their families.

I am very grateful that my brother and I have finally grown into a closer relationship after being a bit distant most of our lives.

Family is not just an accident of birth. We have acquired quite a number of children both here and around the world. Our Japanese and Spanish kids are a special joy in our lives.

And I am especially grateful for Larry and Kim—my greatest joys. They have made my life worthwhile.

I have over one-thousand names on my email list. And they are ALL friends! I have managed to stay in touch with many of the people who grew up in my neighborhood, those I went to high school with, some from every job I've ever held, as well as many writers and others in the publishing industry. I've learned so much from them and cherish them all.

My church family has been my support and safety net for many years. They remind me where my center is, where my faith is focused, where my priorities are.

The people in my writing group have been a real treasure. We'd never have been published if it hadn't been for them. We've lost the lady who hosted our group for many, many years. But we have been so blessed to have had her in our lives for so long.

We've lost many family members and friends over the past couple of years, and each loss serves to remind us of the love we shared.

We have a home we never could have imagined owning when we were first married. And we live in one of the most beautiful places on the California coast. Whenever we go down to the beach, I am reminded that we are privileged to live here.

We also have the greatest neighbors on the planet. We know nearly everyone, and we all watch out for each other.

Because we have been so blessed, we love sharing our home with guests. Spending time with old and new friends is a great gift to us.

Even though we are retired from our full-time jobs, we continue to write books we enjoy. I am still editing and doing book reviews. We also enjoy traveling, often to do research for our books. We attend conferences and meet new people and learn new things.

So this year, as we celebrate the day dedicated to counting our blessings, we will consider just how truly blessed our lives are and give thanks.


  1. Life is a constant blessing and a joy when you have all of these things. Life is a joy so often.

    1. I so agree. It's not what happens to us, it's hoow we respond to them. I try to find the joy.