Monday, June 11, 2012

Word(s) of the Day

At a recent women’s retreat, we were given an opportunity to be alone and consider how we were feeling that day. We were to define that emotion in one word. However, being a wordsmith, I couldn’t limit it to one word. Instead I came up with three:

The day before, as part of a book study, we had discussed contentment and discontent. I realized that especially since we’ve retired, I’m truly content with my life.

I love my home, my family, my neighbors. I’m living a life I couldn’t have begun to imagine when I was young and very poor. We’ve visited places all over the world that I’d only read about and never expected to see. We’ve had experiences far beyond my wildest dreams.

And we’ve managed to retire together with enough financial security to allow us relative peace of mind.

Many friends are suffering from various debilitating physical ailments. We are both in good health, adding another reason for contentment. Larry surfs nearly every weekday, and I walk two miles each morning with friends.

We are still active mentally as well. We continue to write, both together and apart. Larry published his book, Lakeview Park, last December. My new book, Ghost Writer will come out this summer. And we have several more currently in the works.


I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by people whom I adore, and who love me in return. We have been active in the same church family for many years. Those relationships are our emotional and spiritual safety net.

We are blessed with a wonderful, loving family. And that is truly a gift.

We live in Paradise, otherwise known as Dana Point, California. Our neighbors watch out for us as we do for them. In a time when most people are transient, we’ve lived in the same place for twenty-five years with nearly all the same people. We know our neighbors as good friends.


I was born in the most prosperous and free country in the world. And I get to live in one of the most beautiful places in that country in a large, beautiful home.

I’m wrapped in the love of friends and family, all of whom are close and treasured

I was actually able to retire, despite spending many years as the filling in the ‘sandwich generation.’ That’s more than many baby boomers are able to do. And I get to spend a lot of time just hanging out with Larry, my soul mate and best friend.

I get to write books, both together with Larry and separately. I love writing and appreciate having something constructive and pleasurable to do in retirement.

Unlike when I was working, I can now spend more time doing for others. For instance, on Mondays, we go to Del Obispo Terrace, the assisted living facility where my mother spent several of her happiest years. We sing and share with the residents. These people are truly an inspiration, and we always feel blessed to be able to spend time with them.

Larry and I are both healthy and active and expect to continue to be so going forward.

Is it any wonder that I start each day with a prayer of thanksgiving?

How about you? What is your word of the day?


  1. Very inspiring,reminds me of the word offered by a fellow church member,"gratitude". My word for myself would be "curious". At this stage of life it continues to be a driving force. How do you do x,is that an interesting place to visit,what does this app do,etc. Old age is a treasure,if the old bod holds up,you have much to draw upon,and finally the old adage "don't sweat the small stuff" seems attainable.

  2. You are a friend - and an inspiration. I remember your 'round-the-world trip with only a backpack! Curiosity is certainly in your very nature. You'll never stop learning and enjoying what you learn. And that makes you interesting and fun to be with!